altitude in a sentence

Sentence with the word altitude

The high desert plains are beautiful and have a more temperate climate, but for some people, the altitude is a health problem.

If you look at a place at high altitude you may want to consider renting first (instead of buying) just in case the altitude is a problem.

The folly in expecting students to sustain a school's academic reputation is, sadly, truth at most lower levels of education, where, as previously mentioned, socioeconomic altitude translates to level of success.

And they all seem to be at the same altitude, which is what you'd expect if there was an ocean there that kind of flattened everything.

That, if it's a military situation, then you've got carpet bombing from altitude, which is kind of the equivalent of having come from Krypton as a baby and to have gained unusual strength and the ability to fly because of Earth's lesser gravity.

And you start to get sick and it often happens when people get at altitude, which is why the name.

In a low altitude, that is just not possible for successful recovery.

And at a low altitude, that is just not possible for successful recovery.

And at low altitude, that is just not possible for successful recovery.

After studying the flight data recorder, investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that Flight 826 had fallen less than 100 feet from its intended altitude, which is nothing much to pilots.

If someone asks a random question your response is "That question had a lot of altitude.

What's your altitude?""I smoked three bowls of spice], I'm chillin' on Mount Everest

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