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Suffice to say for now that the Bolivian "altiplano" long suffering and long exploited natives want now to benefit from the oil and gas of the Santa Cruz province, the newcomer and the booming area of Bolivia.

The regions being explored in search of appropriate species include the 'altiplano' or high plains of the Bolivian Andes, mountainous areas of Canada, China, the western United States, southeast Europe (especially the Balkans), and the eastern shores of the Mediterranean:

Finally, Rafo León writes in his column for the magazine Somos of the newspaper El Comercio about some interesting aspects of globalization and its harmful effects in the Peruvian altiplano.

It was a great contrast from the stark beauty of the altiplano.

Potentially my favorite place in all of Bolivia, the town and the peak of the same name (Sajama) are delicately washed with late afternoon altiplano light.

The shimmer-red helicopter bearing Evo Morales towards the Temple of Kalasasaya last Thursday was a strangely modern twist to the morning's ritualistic proceedings, but the theatrical entrance still earned great applause from the thousands of supporters who had gathered in the altiplano town of Tiwanaku, 70 kilometers outside of La Paz.

The site has particular resonance for the Aymara, Bolivia's largest indigenous group and the one to which Morales himself belongs; as the traditional people of the altiplano, they consider themselves directly connected to the Tiahuanaco.

Not that they don't exist, but they're not nearly as numerous as they are up on the altiplano.

Walking past these displays not long ago, I began thinking about the part sesame seeds play in Mexican cooking, especially here on Central Mexico's altiplano, where several different moles, pipians and sweets have traditionally been prepared with them.

The collas have more indeginious and are usually poorer and live in the “altiplano” and “valle” regions.

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