alphabetically in a sentence

Sentence with the word alphabetically

Oh, shall I begin alphabetically with the reasons why this was such a Bad Idea?

By actual count, there are fifteen societies, ranging alphabetically from the Advocates 'Society and including in their vast membership the associations which Mr. Pepper mentioned, as well as other military and patriotic societies.

Within each view, certain shows are automatically Featured, but you can browse programme titles alphabetically:

i voted yes because alphabetically is ..... more organised

Digital collections are arranged at first by title alphabetically:

Although rules in both parties require the roll to be called alphabetically, states may "pass" on voting until a second run through the roll.

The counties being called alphabetically, the following gentlemen produced their credentials and were severally sworn in and entered upon the discharge of their duties:

Access to the station's feed is free, with no registration required, and is available on the station's home page (www. by choosing one of the audio player links, via iTunes by selecting Radio/Eclectic and then locating the station's name alphabetically in the list.

You can either search by brand name alphabetically or by category (e.g., household products or insurance).

There are countless applications for the ability to sort post titles alphabetically in WordPress.

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