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Which notwithstanding being first allowed for private devotion, they were by little and little brought into the use of the church, _permitted rather than allowed_ to be sung before and after sermons; afterwards printed and bound up with the

• Once the password has been accepted, a message will show if connection has been established or not, in which case a reason will be given (for example, the site may have reached its maximum number of users allowed at a time, in which case the message "No more users allowed" appears).

But I am not allowed � no, �allowed� is not right word � I am�" she clapped her gloved hands together, struggling to find the right word, "I am almost not allowed to be friend with hotel guest."

At present ten is the term allowed for afterthought; and when the regulation was made, all the men of abilities were invited to give their opinion whether it were better to abrogate or modify it.

His title allowed him to be arrogant and self-assured.

Caesar in the interest of the Gauls and to see about the term allowed him for leadership had to leave Gaul and return to Rome.

The term allowed by the Diet (April 15) passed by unnoticed.

Her visit had been lengthened beyond the term allowed; now she must obey the summons without further delay.

On the last morning of the term allowed him for reflection he received that hurried note from Rickman, who had flung all his emotions into one agonized line, "For God's sake wire me what you mean to do."

Four days comprise the term allowed for an answer.

Example 1: I've had enough of Bronwen, she can consider herself allowed. Example 2: We went to the party but it was DA so we allowed it. Notice how you don't say you "allowed the party and went home", you just simply allowed it as is the proper context

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    • tolerate, concede, assign, permit, suffer
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    • allowed, allowing, allows
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