allow in a sentence

Sentence with the word allow

Could this change in the definition allow patients, who would otherwise be denied treatment, to receive the help they sought?

And don't discount, Kyra, the -- what I call the allow (ph) method of security.

Weidenbaum: How far ahead do you plan — do you know exactly what Projekt is releasing this year, or does the size of your label allow you to act more spontaneously?

But my point is simply that the American public will never again allow the draft to be implemented.

But we should never again allow a FICA or SECA tax increase to be enacted.

However, the President also singled out the American Constitution: ... the Constitution allows for many things, but what it does not allow is the most revealing.

This system will once again allow clients to buy goods and services on-line through the website in a fast and secure manner.

How will the information that you obtain allow you to answer the research question?

The Shuttle-C concept would also again allow the possibility of leaving the spent external tanks in orbit, to be collected and assembled into a large orbital facility.

It also has said it is considering a plan to once again allow genetically modified sugar beets by the end of this year in time for planting in March, but it hasn 't said how it might do that.

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  • Synonym for "allow"
    • tolerate, concede, assign, permit, suffer
  • Verb Forms for "allow"
    • allowed, allowing, allows
  • Phrases for "allow"
    • would allow, to allow, will allow, allow them, allow Haul's
  • Rhyme for "allow"
    • Bilbao, Bow, Chao, Chow, Dow
  • Hyponym for "allow"
    • pass
  • Hypernym for "allow"
    • assign, allot, portion, let, permit
  • Form for "allow"
    • allowance, allowable
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