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Sentence with the word allocated

The $600 million in program cuts would be felt deeply in those sections of the department, but the overall budget request last year was $28.4 billion, not including funds it allocated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Do the CxP support facilities budget $$ get allocated from the Congressional CxP budget?

If the job to be allocated is full of grief, to the organisation not the individual, then it is urgent even if it is not.

Sorry republicans, even your coveted wall street journal reported just yesterday that the stimulus plan is working AND economic growth looks to continue as consumer confidence is higher because of the 400 Billion still waiting to be allocated from the stimulus.

But how the funds will be allocated is still unclear, and critics have begun speaking out, reports CNN.

But Mr. Dudley said the money allocated is adequate.

These investments build upon the initial $500 million allocated from the fund this summer to develop a strong infrastructure for prevention and primary care.

GBP2m will be allocated from the Assembly Government's Strategic Capital Investment Fund specifically to digitise 2 million pages of newspapers and magazines relating to Wales.

Last year, some $300 million in stimulus funding was allocated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to be passed out by individual states as means to encourage consumers to trade in their old appliances and upgrade to new energy efficiency Energy Star rated ones.

Furthermore, the tone and resources for such a program must be allocated from the top in a "One NASA" fashion.

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