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"Well, old alligator, what's the time o 'day?" asked another man, bringing down a brawny paw, with a resounding thump, upon the Herculean shoulders of the first querist, thereby giving me the information that in the West _alligator_ is a designation of the _genus homo_; in fact, that it is customary for a man to address his fellow-man as "old alligator," instead of "old fellow."

_alligator_ is a designation of the _genus homo_; in fact, that it is customary for a man to address his fellow-man as “old alligator,” instead of “old fellow.”

LOL You know we hear the term "alligator arms" right?

"I suppose it's what they call the alligator-gar, Pete."

"You get what we call alligator cracking," said Stacey Young, a pavement engineer for the Lubbock district of the Texas Department of Transportation, referring to small seams in the pavement.

I'm just wondering if "alotofnothing's&# 8221; alligator is code for ...

The "wrestling" in alligator wrestling is something of a misnomer.

Neither Greco-Roman, nor WWF, alligator wrestlers are actually trying to do something more akin to calf-roping: Catch an alligator from a pool or pit and bind its jaws shut with rope.

Think of it as a stimulus for $200/hour lawyers in alligator shoes.

So that “proves” the typical American alligator is roughly 162 times less likely to kill a human as an American human is.

See you later alligator.""In a while crocodile.

- yo, alligator! Stop double talkin' jive and play it real jazzy!

That bastard john pulled an alligator on me, i almost pissed on him!

I prefer black jazzmen playing to any alligator when you know it won't do the trick.

Breaker 19, northbound. You have an alligator a mile ahead of you in the right hand lane.

I'm sure going to miss Isaac. He was just killed by that alligator

Alligator - A woman that is so desperate she will take anyone home

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