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Sentence with the word alleviation

Obama's stimulus plan has only exaggerated this fake recovery by funneling money into tax breaks and the short-term alleviation of state deficits, and now that the states are not getting another fix of federal aid, they will be forced to impose massive layoffs and reductions to needed social services.

“Energy independence,” whether accurately or not, offers alleviation from a specific fear and a promise of abundance.

If the Antigonish Movement ultimately asked more of consumer co-operation and credit unionism than they were able to deliver, that in no way detracts from the energy its adherents devoted to their cause, nor from the short-to-medium term alleviation of suffering, the enhancement of human dignity and the restoration of hope which they accomplished.

Not surprisingly, labour interests are focused on short-term alleviation of community problems in their own areas.

The major alleviation is that gifts and estates, regardless of size, passing to a spouse or dependent children would to totally exempt.

Anything which provided "short to medium-term alleviation of capacity issues in the South East" should be considered, although the funding and route would need careful consideration, a spokesman said.

However, meaningful long-term alleviation to hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger.

Compound this with many people who are legally using prescription marijuana for pain alleviation, and there’s no way this will fly.

(Wednesday) is likely to provide at least a short-term alleviation of the extremely negative sentiment towards financial markets, "said Barclays Capital analyst David Woo.

Consequently, there is growing recognition of the microfinance sector as a crucial development tool for financial inclusion and poverty alleviation, which is yet to be fully reflected in official fisheries policies.

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