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Evolution is about one thing: The explanation for the changes in allele frequencies over time.

The allele could originate by mutation of an allele for brown fur and the environment caused selection which caused a change in allele frequency.

The mechanisms whereby genomes are reduced or expanded are often not the standard "neo-Darwinian processes", ie changes in allele frequency.

Mesk, when you suggest that an allele is conserved if it has 0. 0001% advantage, you are comparing apples to oranges in this case, are you not?

If you did it with 5,000 mutants and 5,000 wild-types (enough to detect a selective advantage as small as 0.005%) and saw changes in allele frequency compatible with drift, people would definitely stand up and take notice.

With interesting applications here for diagnosis, therapy models and possibly even pharmaceuticals, the authors concluded that "the absence of this protective bias in short-allele carriers is likely to be linked with the heightened susceptibility to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety that has been reported in this group."

(An allele is any of the variants of a gene that takes more than one form; such genes are known as polymorphisms.

It is possible that in the nomadic setting, a boy with this allele might be able to more effectively defend livestock against raiders or locate food and water sources, but that the same tendencies might not be as beneficial in settled pursuits such as focusing in school, farming or selling goods.

Watson had a variant called *10, associated with lower activity and found in fewer than 1 percent of Caucasians, whereas Venter had the more active *1 variant, technically known as an allele.

His findings: In all five genes, I have a variant, or allele, that is sometimes associated with bad investing decisions.

1) "Yep, I inhereted my LONG PENIS allele from my mother." 2) "DUDE! Why did you throw that allele at my face?!

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