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A quick but essential clarification: It is important to note that I use the term alleged in regard to Spirit and that it is always implied whether stated or not.

A compromise strategy is to use the term "alleged victim," although as many rape victim advocates point out, victims who report other crimes are rarely questioned about whether or not they were victimized.

Using the term "alleged victim" treats the woman or man with respect and crucially preserves the presumption of innocence for the alleged perpetrator.

Using the term "alleged victim" treats the woman or man with respect We are testing different comment ordering to see which the community prefers.

In December, the CIA pulled its then-station chief out of Pakistan after a name alleged to be his surfaced in public and his safety was deemed at risk.

A third former employee told the Associated Press on Wednesday she had also considered filing a complaint about what she described as his alleged aggressive and unwanted behaviour.

Now, he says his bosses were trying to, in his words, pacify the White House and used him as a scapegoat to take the blame who what he calls alleged journalistic errors.

Rather says his bosses coerced him to take personal blame for what he calls alleged journalistic errors.

She ordered defense attorneys to refrain from any mention of what she called the alleged dangerousness of the border between the United States and Mexico.

I don't agree with using the word "alleged" when something is so obvious, but the media always seems to use it anyway.

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