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Sentence with the word all-powerful

When we consider the deep spiritual context of the surrounding chapters in the Gospel of Matthew 21:12 to 22:45, we begin to understand that when Jesus instructs us to believe, he is referring to the all-powerful and benevolent nature of God and to our own effortless access to that essence.

Planning has assumed, in other words, an all-powerful and centralized top management that must pull things together and make things happen especially planning itself.

“No one can doubt,” she said, “that God is all-powerful.”

In the face of this all-powerful factor in every aspect of life, what do human beings or their little plans and desires count for?

* This is the name theologians conventionally give to the contradiction between an all-powerful and beneficent God who nevertheless creates or allows evil to exist in the world.

Scholars have been aware for a long time of a certain “disconnect” between the version of God preached by Judaism and Christianity—an all-knowing, omnipresent, and all-powerful deity—and the way in which God is depicted in, especially, some of the earliest parts of the Hebrew Bible.

In one simple assertion, the “problem of evil” has its answer: all-powerful, inscrutable God creates everything, good and bad, justice and injustice alike.

“Therefore,” she said, “evil must be nothing, since He who is all-powerful cannot do it.”

Since this single, all-powerful Deity was now the final arbiter in all things, what was the point of scrutinizing the usual clues about the future?

“Thus, for Someone who is all-powerful,” she said, “there is nothing He cannot do.”

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