all-or-nothing in a sentence

Sentence with the word all-or-nothing

For another, it also does something even more crucial to your psychological success: It stops you from focusing on some arbitrary number that promotes the idea of all-or-nothing success or failure.

Due to the polarising nature of the issue and the dependence on case law, it could easily be an all-or-nothing situation.

Too often, political decisions in the Muslim majority world have become an all-or-nothing, zero-sum game.

Garage conversions don't have to be all-or-nothing propositions.

The following 10 points are a kind of new operating platform to serve as an antidote to the dichotomous/dualistic/all-or-nothing cognitive style that ruins our lives.

Appears to be an all-or-nothing film; every review either says it's great or it totally sucks.

In theory, this seemed like a reasonable distinction; in reality, personal “choice” in this matter is impossible, since the treatment of public water supplies is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Those corny titles of the TV evangelists—“Hour of Decision,” “Night of Hope”—express well this new, all-or-nothing feel that life has for you.

Plea bargains can be abused, but pleading out to a lower charge (sometimes a charge that has nothing to do with the facts) sometimes results in a more fair verdict than an all-or-nothing jury trial.

Second, Florida is a three strikes state for malpractice on your licensure — whihcis sort of all-or-nothing exposure.

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