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The sense of being fully alive is born of this vividness, and when a person has everything he expects to get in life, and cannot change anything lest the whole structure collapse, the kind of aliveness which is generated from within dies and his apparently perfect world becomes a nightmare.

I made the point that my passion and The Eldering Institute® is about transforming our culture's view of aging and teaching people that we can change how we relate to the future -- and, as a consequence, we can have more choices, more possibility and more 'aliveness' than what most people can expect as they grow older.

As a commenter on this blog pointed out, the sculpture has an "aliveness" to it...

That first alien meeting will help scientists get a better handle on what life really is, how it began, what it means to be alive and even whether there are degrees of "aliveness".

So today I got a glimpse of "aliveness" which was wonderful!

Unlike cold storage, which Dr. Guarrera describes as a static technique, HMP dynamically simulates "aliveness" by providing a continuous flow of oxygen and key nutrients to the liver while diluting and removing toxins and waste products.

The gyros and batteries passed initial "aliveness" and functional tests and the 7-hour 56-minute spacewalk, the second of five planned for Atlantis 'mission, was considered a complete success.

Could the Uno be made smaller and still retain its high sensitivity, unrestrained dynamics, and the sonic attributes that create the sense of "aliveness" that characterizes this speaker?

Despite this disappointment, the bug had bitten, and I was drawn to continue to photograph - I guess, in search of the kind of aliveness of interaction with the world that I started to feel through taking those early pictures.

We want living, breathing, passionate, "aliveness" in the Spirit.

WoW "The golems will switch into aliveness

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