alimentary in a sentence

Sentence with the word alimentary

Let us call the alimentary ingestion A, and the parenteral injection P.

It should be understood that the term alimentary anaphylaxis does not signify anaphylaxis by alimentary substances but anaphylaxis by the introduction of the anaphylactizing substance by way of the digestive channels.

An alimentary tract could form the basis of further evolution, then the inevitable development of a head might be plausible.

Just like most humans prefer a sip of iced tea in the summer to molten lead forced down their alimentary tube.

Since any government can only beg, borrow or steal so much subsidized bread, this alimentary welfare effectively creates artificial scarcities and informal markets that can gouge consumers who want more than their rationed quota.

The eggs of the roundworm Ascaris enter the alimentary tract of a person if raw vegetables or unboiled water are consumed.

In the alimentary tract they develop into larvae, which force their way through the gut wall and spread through the whole body by way of the blood circulation.

The citizens of the areas of Puno, Cusco, Arequipa, Ayacucho, and Apurimac face extensive walks and their diets are not enough to compensate for the extreme alimentary requirements.

It requires oxygen food, light food, physical "tactile" food, hydrating water food and solid alimentary food, all as sources of nourishment.

In fact, the Ghanaian protagonist of Stephen Kelman's "Pigeon English" is an 11-year-old, an age when most of his cohort will have lost their fascination with the products of the alimentary and respiratory tracts.

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