aligns in a sentence

Sentence with the word aligns

The more McCain aligns with Bush, the better for Dems in the fall, and the better for a new America.

The new name aligns the space weather center with the other NCEP centers and more clearly conveys its operational nature.

In the webcast, Goodwin took a swipe at HP, saying the company no longer "aligns" with its

Defining a protest song as that "which addresses a political issue in a way which aligns itself with the underdog," Dorian Lynskey's book begins with the first time protest met pop: Billie Holiday driving the faint of heart out of Café Society in Greenwich Village in 1939 with the harrowing antilynching ballad "Strange Fruit."

“It also aligns with our government affairs efforts,” she added.

Gasland aligns with a very credible narrative, one that folks on the right and left largely resonate with: neither big business nor regulators can be trusted.

The best insurance scheme aligns the physician's incentives with that of their patients.

World Fantasy no longer aligns with the commercial material that I write - its emphasis on literary speculative fiction feeds some of my interest as a reader, but almost none as a writer.

"In addition, the change aligns with the university's ongoing effort to digitize its library collection, enhances U-M Press 'print-on-demand capacity, and increases the range and means of expression of published ideas and authors."

I think there has to be something that aligns the compensation with the long term health of the company.

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