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It's very easy to make your own predefined colors or to change a title alignment or even to change a button icon size.

It's very easy to make your own predefined color or to change a title alignment or even to change a button icon size.

The current “liberal” alignment is none of these things.

There are still laws against copying intellectual work, it ` s just that they ` re restored in alignment with natural law, ie you can copy what you privately possess, but not that which someone else privately possesses.

I find that by holding my attention steady, and staying in alignment with my intentions and vision, the “flow” comes more naturally and obstacles are more easily transformed.

The terms utility and preference are elastic enough to perhaps cover, say, the noble action of living in alignment with your ideals, if you adopt an overly broad definition.

I think Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, with a good script, and all the moons in alignment?

The challenge is, while we are telling you who you should be and expecting you to live in alignment with those standards and expectations, we forget two important things.

And I once argued that it was that process, the process of recomposition, that was why software engineering was so human-centered, it was the need to be able to put things together that drove a significant number of the collaborations required to keep all the individually separated parts in alignment so that they would fit back together again.

It's all well and good to have figured out what brings you lasting and authentic joy, to acknowledge you want whatever that is, and to accept that being in alignment with it will make you happy.

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