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Sentence with the word aligning

It did not take long for establishment political groups to begin aligning themselves with this potentially powerful new movement.

Over 25 years field experience in aligning cultural offers for international sales.

History is repeating itself, and the evil are again aligning against his people, Israel, around the Globe, and the descendants of Ishmael will be duped again to try to destroy Israel against the covenants of God the Father.

From the lobby's historical oak walls to the contemporary art hovering over the mantels, it was a scene taken straight from Paris, a city that has perfected the idea of aligning old with new.

Social Alignment/Social Aligning: Social aligning occurs when institutions engage with their constituents, consumers or other important stakeholders through social media to identify and take collective action on shared goals -- often goals with a public purpose.

Mr. Cavanagh is the first to admit that he did not invent the idea of aligning utility shareholder and societal interests, but he is the man who proved it could be implemented on a large scale.

Ireland rejected the idea of aligning EU corporate taxes or at least the tax base as a danger to its low-tax growth model.

But the hardline religious Sadrists, who are led by anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and make up the core of the INA, so far have balked at the notion of aligning with al-Maliki.

Who knew that a "Christian Zionist bloc that's extremely comfortable with the idea of aligning itself with Israel for the purposes of an endless religious war" made up 63% of Americans?

Still, he stopped way short of saying the close friends have even talked about the notion of aligning this summer.

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