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Sentence with the word align

"alias = '$alias', real_name = '$name', align = '$align'".

I use the word "align," because when we betray ourselves some would define this as sinning, we fall out of alignment.

Rick Perry and Sarah Palin align themselves together because they both talk about suceeding from the other states while our men and women are at war from the States of Texas and Alaska.

The people that are sympathetic with the Clintons will fall deeper under their spell and again align by race.

If text-align is listed, change it to text-align: right to make the text be right justified.

You can then either manually type in align =” right” or align =” left” or class =” left” or class =” right” or whatever you use to float an image to the right or left for the text to wrap around the image.

Yerby did not dare avow the true purpose of his presence after his representations to the moonshiners, and yet he could not, he would not in set phrase align himself with the illicit vocation.

The firm said in a statement that it changed the name to align the company's corporate name with its commercial real estate brand.

What the Evidence Says Fund companies say the purpose of incentive fees is to better "align" the interests of managers and investors, meaning they encourage managers to act in ways that benefit shareholders as well as themselves.

Griffith will "align" himself with anyone who has a buck coming his way.

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