alienating in a sentence

Sentence with the word alienating

Someone - all too often - it feels like Cascade is more interested in alienating people than winning people over.

Ultimately, the operation was focused on the inside game, run by insiders uninterested in alienating people they'd need in their next gig.

It also seems that the BPA takes a macarbe delight in alienating itself and thus perpeptuating the minority/victim label.

Big companies have no interest in alienating half their customers, which strong electoral advocacy would do in a basically 50 – 50 electorate.

Ironically, even Talk Turkey was unimpressed by Obama's efforts to appease both Armenians and Turks, but mainly because it believes the president only succeeded in alienating everybody.

With all the direct attacks on our heritage doing something like this does far more harm in alienating people.

The Hill, Conservatives: McCain alienating base on economy

McNulty & Co will have no problem in alienating Police and every other public service area because they know that the management of each entity will bring in whatever ‘reforms’ they are told.

Totally unable to relate to professional athletes, Harkness took little time in alienating a team of storied veterans, including Gordie Howe and Alex Delvecchio.

This warning to the DNC is a promise not a threat ... we can pull down our own party if the DNC persists in alienating core Democrats.

You are walking along when you notice two random people having a conversation and decide to mess with them since there are few consequences seeing as they are complete strangers.Person A: "Yeah man, I don't even know where I could have left my keys." Person B: "I don't get it dude, you are usually so organized with everything, but now you've been misplacing stuff all the time: your watch, wallet, phone, laptop, and now your keys?" Person A: "I know, I know. I just don't understand why it keeps happening lately."At this point, you decide to make your move and pick up speed to run past them to ensure a clean getaway so that you aren't left awkwardly standing there.You (troll making the pose while running): "ALIENS!"After you execute this maneuver:Person A: "...Okay...what's with that guy?" Person B: "Aw crap, we just got 'alienated'! I have to admit though, he got us good haha." Person A: "A new trend, huh? I'm gonna look up this Alienating thing so I can use it on people.

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