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Sentence with the word alienate

The disposition of the Howard estate had been a matter of particular concern to Henry VIII who considered the Howard estates too valuable to alienate from the crown. 15 Henry's intention had been to gift them to Prince Edward.

So while the labels alienate and lose their artists who provide their product, they are also managing to alienate and lose the customers who buy it.

The one Hollywood consultant nobody in Democratic politics can afford to alienate is Andy Spahn.

So far as the Board of Governors of the CBC is concerned, its present policy is not to alienate from the public domain any broadcasting rights in television to privately-owned stations or other profit-making concerns!

If I hadn't stumbled on a link one day that led me to a snarky sarcastic blonde doing something that resemebled cable access on crack, I would never have made RB one of my daily fixes and BTY, I am one of those conservative viewers you told John Edwards you were trying to "alienate" - obviously it didn't work.

For every voting block they alienate, that is one more block they are giving to the dems.

Hey, I'm all for cool action scenes in my SciFi, but -- if I may clarify the author's assumption -- stories that include inter-character relationships don't "alienate" me.

In the real world of human societies, however, human beings give up or "alienate" some rights - in particular, the right to initiate physical force - in exchange for governmental protection.

The city has already obtained approval from the New York State Legislature to "alienate" the parkland, a necessary step because the property is being used for purposes other than parkland.

There are the typical concerns that by committing to one company like this (although there is no contractual restrictions as to who either side could work with in addition to one another) then Omnicom could 'alienate' other companies like Yahoo or Microsoft.

Ana: The truth of the matter is that by their words and actions, they've all managed to alienate me from them.He said and did everything possible to alienate her because it was only a reluctantship (see Urban Dictionary Definition) on his part.The intentional and extreme cruelty, controlling and manipulative conduct with no remorse was a clear sign of Psychopathy, something she was all too familiar with and so, it served only to alienate her. She knows that true love involves complete respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, kindness, gratitude, understanding and patience and comes with a sense of security and PEACE.

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