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Sentence with the word algorithm

They have very intense and high-level discussions about their work with Dad quite often, and the word algorithm features extremely heavily.

The term algorithm simply means a series of steps.

I wonder if the algorithm is a little “loose” to get as many copies out as possible? — melissa

The term algorithm is derived from the name of the Arabic economist, Al-Khowërazmi, who invented them as a way of performing mathematical operations associated with debt and credit.

At Consumer Reports, we’re increasingly encountering the term algorithm in reference to smart appliances: dryers that know when loads are dry, refrigerators that can self-regulate their temperature, and dishwashers that sense when dishes are done.

An evolutionary algorithm is a program, and like all programs, is independent on the substrate.

In any case, an evolutionary algorithm is a model of the behavior of generalized replicators.

The filtering algorithm is mysterious, but you can tweak it by either clicking the little pencil that appears on the right when you hover over an item (you can specify that you would like to see more or fewer items of this type or from this user) or by clicking the "Options for News Feed" link all the way at the bottom of this page.

The really cool thing about this algorithm is that the computers in the network figure this all out themselves, without human intervention.

“The principal datum input to any search algorithm is a description of its search space.”

Fred: Hey man, find a job yet? Greg: No man, I developed an algorithm to make some mad cash! Fred: ... Greg: Step 1: Obtain a case of beer. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit! Greg: Can't argue with that logic. Beer me.

man,al gore ain't got no algorithm

If I may make an algorithm here, I would say it's nothing more than an "inconvenient truth". The internet is abound with algorithms, the most famous being "I used to be the next president of the United States ...

Bush: How does Al Gore get his groove on? Dick: I don't know...I thought I shot him. Condi: The Algorithm! (gaptoothed snicker)

How did you translate the data from the hashtable to a few characters? An algorithm.How did you make the game run faster? I optimized the running time of the algorithm.

An example of an algorithm is how your computer works. You tell it what to do and it utilizes all aspects to complete the job as quickly as possible.

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    • algorithmic rule, algorithmic program
  • Phrases for "algorithm"
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