alert in a sentence

Sentence with the word alert

However, in this alert is an unusual warning about the state of Durango:

A travel "alert" is less serious than a full "travel warning," which could have big implications.

An e-mail alert from the technical office went out to all House staff members notifying them of the problem.

While he said that the travel alert is the "lowest level of warning that the State Department issues," Americans abroad should be mindful of their surroundings.

Why is it big news now that they might actually help you remain alert?

Yet I remain alert to the potential dangers of trying to figure out what a poet intended.

HAMBURG, Germany — The Islamic militant whose disclosures under U.S. interrogation in Afghanistan triggered Europe's terror alert is an old friend of a man convicted in the 9/11 attacks and, as the strikes were being planned, frequented the same mosque where the Hamburg-based plotters often met, officials say.

And being relaxedly alert is extremely important for learning to take place, methinks.

In the aftermath of the arrest of terrorist suspect Farooque Ahmed and the revelation of an alleged plot to bomb multiple Metro stations, officials underscored the need for customers to remain alert to any suspicious activity, stressing that a single observation could prove essential.

An World Health Organization official announced the spread of the plague in the Libyan city of Tobruk on the Mediterranean coast after receiving an alert from the Libyan authorities.

alert whats going to occur?- see occur for further reffrence

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