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My twenty-year career in alcoholism is a clichéd bore, but sober for most of sixteen years, I can live more intensely the ever-sordid hunger for booze that marks all classic noir.

The term alcoholism is understood to include all the changes that may occur in the human organism after the ingestion of any form of alcohol.

Professor Pearson attaches no strict meaning to the term alcoholism, by which he means anything from what the word really means down to a general suspicion that the parents were drinking more than was good for themselves or their home; and finally that in studying the influence of alcohol upon offspring Professor Pearson has omitted to enquire in a single case whether the alcoholism or the offspring came first.

This sense underlies the term alcoholism (addiction to alcohol).

ROBERTS: Dr. Pinsky, Representative Foley has checked himself into a facility to combat what he calls alcoholism and behavioral problems.

To equate abortion w/alcoholism is dishonest, mean-spirited and hypocritical.

And there's no blame about what happened because alcoholism is an illness.

Writing, like alcoholism, is a self diagnosed disease.

One of the symptoms of alcoholism is a difficulty accepting that one has the condition; this is called "denial."

In other words, alcoholism is NOT just a symptom or self-medication or something in between.

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