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Once the alchemy is there, a writer can usually work swiftly and efficiently, avoiding many writing pitfalls and completing the book in less time than (s) he expected it to take.

The botanical name, alchemilla, is derived from the word alchemy, because the herbs in this family are believed to bring about miraculous cures.

The Taoist sages used rituals that raised their vibratory level to create changes in the world, which they called alchemy.

The core of alchemy is summarized by the phrase "as above, so below," or "here on earth as it is in heaven."

In modern yoga, the historic alchemy is lost in favor of an over-exaggerated emphasis on asana -- physical practice -- and the transferring of modern capitalist and individualistic values to a system that is traditionally concerned mostly with ego-destruction and renunciation.

For us, alchemy is kind of beyond knowing in a way.

Newton dabbled in alchemy, and used the Bible to work out that the date of the earthÂ’s creation was 3,500 B.C.

The writings of other women alchemists such as "Cleopatra," "Isis," Theosebeia, and Paphnoutia suggest a community of women was working in alchemy at this time.

Romantic psychoanlaysis forward to Jung's interest in alchemy as an analogy for how consciousness gives birth to itself and to the world.

Unlike Freud, Jung approached psychoanalysis from its occult side in alchemy rather than through the natural sciences.

He's into Alchemy.

Oh yeah! I remember what Don Quixote's magic balsam did to him and poor Sancho Panza. That was pretty funny." "You've got to roll a 15+ on that d20 to make the +20 HP potion and maybe with the experience points level up to a level 3 alchemist, that'll allow you to make +30 HP potions and you'll only have to roll a 12+ on the d20. If you roll under you'll destroy your potion source materials and suffer -2 HP for letting the reaction blow up in your face.

I seek enlightenment through alchemy.

1. he used alchemy to turn lead into gold!

eg: Jim sold me a bag of oregano claiming it was cannabis, Alchemy of the highest order i paid 50 quid for a bag of legal 2) Found some old necklace in my attic, apparently its vintage i flogged it for 500 quid. My alchemy skills mean i'm getting pissed tonight

I created a Hydrogen Balloon with these ingredients and this array with Alchemy or Use Alchemy to fix that radio

The anime Full Metal Alchemist has very little to do with classical alchemy.

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