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Sentence with the word alchemically

We lose ourselves in the burning, and it alchemically transforms us from the power-pushing games of the belly to the love-pulled movements of the heart.

We clear the alchemically wiry growth each morning before bringing the children into the field.

These abominations should never have been born -- born, synthesized, stitched together, alchemically confected, necromantically conjured, however they'd come into the world.

First realized in 2001, the piece came about after Mr. Basinski revisited some of his old magnetic tapes and found them chemically, maybe even alchemically, altered.

In a world where values spread along the currents of communication, it has always been commonplace for business leaders to say to Tibet activists that open trade with China will result in a loosening of China's restrictions on free speech, that the values of democracy and freedom will be alchemically infused into the Chinese system, that we will "change" China ...

Would it be considered naive or delusional to suggest that sometimes "bad" things that happen can be transformed alchemically into something good?

(Adonais 485), is alchemically raised to its inherent spiritual state.

(Marriage 4), he also did not know what alchemically, as the biology of consciousness, was going on within it, particularly as, in his garden at

What as his "Printing House in Hell" was alchemically taking place in Blake's "Vegetable Body" was "the dominion of Edom, & the return of Adam into Paradise; see Isiah XXXIV and XXXV Chap."

Instead they find themselves saddled with Sebrahn, a strange, alchemically created creature—the prophesied “child of no woman.”

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