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You know 1/6 of his writingsNewton wrote a tremendous amountwas caught up in alchemical knowledge in one way or the other and he believed that there were secrets to be uncovered, that the ancients had this great knowledge.

Which is to say, bluntly and for those with ears to hear, that to work the Wheel of Fortune you need to work two things, not one as is the common practice in alchemical circles.

First found in Chinese alchemical works emphasizing the lengthening of life and the search for immortality, medical alchemy was integrated first into Islamic and then into Western alchemy and medicine.

Here are high-rez scanned pages from Isaac Newton's "alchemical" notebooks where he recorded his chemistry experiments.

First and foremost, a kind of alchemical transmutation of all mere rationality into true Reason instrumental rationality being only the leaden and debased form of Reason; of the transmutation of mere fantasy into creative imagination, of knowledge into wisdom; and of science into gnosis.

He was also frequently cited by Carl G. Jung in illustrating the transformative dynamics of the psyche's "alchemical" individuation process.

Certain of these exercises involve the "alchemical" use of mind-active drugs, including new vasopressin derivatives, beta-endorphins and hallucinogens

In "The Secret Rose" are two "alchemical" tales and in "The Tables of the Law" (1904), two others of like subject.

In the room that he called the "alchemical," Ian, disengaging himself, turned and put both hands on Alexander's shoulders.

( "alchemical" and "chimerical") childhood obsessions (21); both, of course, turn out to be versions of a desire to raise the dead. close window

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