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I hope their label recognises that although the album may not have reach their expectations, that, it is infact a quality album* and a fan fav, and don't just discard it.

Last time I checked, the Greatest Hits double album is technically a Led Zeppelin album, thus instantly bestowing the tracks contained therein with magic album power, making them suitable for official Zep-sanctioned listening.

Clue Set 2 1. The title of this album is Swedish for "I worship Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and someday, he will sing to us from inside Pierce Brosnan's body."

Here, through Green Day songs from both the title album and others, we're presented with three friends in what appears to be a suburban Anytown U.S.A. trying to figure out what to do with their lives in a post-9/11 world.

The title album track, "A Book Like This," features an interesting blend of string and banjo, but for some reason the bluegrass picker was absent live, which actually gave the show a more impromptu, spontaneous tone.

Again, while both these tracks hold up well in the game their inclusion on the album is a bit questionable, especially since there is enough quality on this album to avoid using any filler tracks.

Much like this post, the music on this album is also a real mixed bag (i.e. polka, funeral march, folklore fantasy, anthemic, marching, folk, rock) ... easy listening while you learn more about all things Conan!

What in the world could Adam Lambert being gay have to do with whether or not this album is any good?

The highlight of the album is the 13 minute epic called “The Last Baron” that pulls the many concepts of the album together into one cohesive vision.

The main knock against the album is a few times a song or two will venture down a path that seems to lead nowhere, but the band quickly gets back on the right track.

That girl just released an Album.

DMX released a new album this week, which is only 50 cent more expensive than his new single.

A:"hey remember that girl who kept flirting with me last night? Turns out she was album after all."B:"What? I thought for sure she was single!

Verb: "I albummed him good with a bannana." Adjective: "That guy is so album! He wants to take over the world with a soup spoon!

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