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Sentence with the word albino

Yes | No | Report from maxwell wrote 40 weeks 3 days ago that albino is awesome.

Yes | No | Report from PSEbowhunter wrote 7 weeks 4 days ago they are very rare even more rare than in albino deer

MLH ... true albino fish do have pink eyes, but sometimes what makes fish look albino is a melanin deficiency.

The first poster is, however, even more seriously deluded and may, for all I know, believe also in albino assassin monks from a non-monastic society.

All may be lost, except for a certain albino named Zenith ...

But would you say that an albino is inferior to us?

In the swamp, a crazy minister with delusions of grandeur and twin albino boy geniuses who were sent off to learn genetics are trying to recreate the great Horned God of their ancestors and return prosperity to the swamp … (grin).

You are an albino, that is why you will not attend my wedding.

Never saw one myself but have heard stories of White Tail Deer around here that were white patched and some almost all white but not true albino, which is a total lack of pigment.

Experts believe it is probably an albino, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in African elephants.

Retard: Hey snow boy, I bet if were were, like, playing hide 'n' seek in the snow, we all would be like- where snow- or something- Albino: Yeah? Retard: And you would be like- and- Albino: What was that? Retard: -like- Albino: Kiss my white ass

That girl's not fooling anybody: her albino is clearly gay.Ah, that's sad; she couldn't even find an albino to attend the wedding with her.

ME. copy and paste the link below for pictures or whatever. *gasp* the albino girl has friends, a social life, and keeps up her appearance! to all the stereotypers out there .. suck it.

Bubba: One of these days I am going to lynch you Tyron. Tyron: Shut the hell you up, you genetically recessive albino.

Matt- Yo, blondey, I can beat yo azz! Me- HA! HAHAHAHAH! FUNNY! Well, guess what? I can pwn you. I am ELDER GINGER! JOHN- You foolish beings, ignorant of the truth... it sickens me, being an ultimate being, as I am to face imbecility more often than those imbeciles are touching the ground... Matt- That's my robot! Say hi to the albino android! JOHN- Nay, I am a purified ginger. Me- OSHT. Matt- RUUUUN! HE IS SWAGSAZZBOSSBEAST!

Look, that white bunny with red eyes is an albino bunny!

1- look, that person has no skin pigmentation. they must be albino. 2- "here we are now; entertain us; a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido. yeah.

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    • melanistic, hypermelanistic, hypermelanoid, melanoid, melano
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    • mutie, two-legged, carnivorous, man-eating, theaverage
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