alarms in a sentence

Sentence with the word alarms

Our virgin alarms are tingling just thinking about him.

Tragically, the main alarms did go off to warn the citizens of Bhopal but were shut off as not to panic the populace. (see links here and here)

The thief was an expert in alarms, which helped in the theft.

Such scandalous behavior of the part of soldiers I should have considered impossible, as, with some experience of camps and armies, I have never even in alarms among camp-followers seen the like of it.

We shall no toil nor danger dread, no vain alarms we feel,

One might wonder why our bearded progressive insurgent has been so mum about the huge costs of this bailout — why he hasn’t been shouting alarms from the rooftops.

Where you put those alarms is critical; here’s how to situate them for the earliest warning.

Best bit of the day: "Melanie’s voice had gone sharp and hard, exactly like the parent of a five-year-old pushed to the final limit, and Wren could hear the train alarms ringing, signaling blood about to hit the tracks."

Or why not call the alarms whole house and kitchen/bath to eliminate confusion about which type works best where.

The recalled alarms can be identified by two buttons: “Hush” and “Push and hold to test weekly” located on the front/center of the alarm.

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    • disquiet, dismay, consternation, trepidation, terror
  • Verb Forms for "alarms"
    • alarmed, alarming, alarmism, alarms
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    • pool alarms, smoke alarms, fire alarms, rehearsal alarms, alarms havoc
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    • Arm, charm, disarm, farm, forearm
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    • fearfulness, fright, fear, clock
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    • watch
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    • raise the alarm, alarm clock, alarm bell, alarm reaction, fire alarm
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    • surprise, anxiety, distress, terror, anger
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