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Sentence with the word alarmist

Just to be clear, being alarmist is not my nature nor how I write my posts.

It is already really hard to justify the huge sensitivities in alarmist forecasts based on past warming — if past warming is lower, forecasts look even more absurd.

When The Population Bomb was published in 1968, there were 3.5 billion people, and we were called alarmist -- technology could feed, house, clothe, educate, and provide great lives to even 5 billion people.

It's not fun being called an "alarmist nutball," and often we are accused of pursuing something akin to religious zealotry.

She was even called an alarmist by some, but through it all she stayed the course.

Two weeks ago George Will, occasional bow-tie wearer and one of the media elite's favorite conservative blowhards, penned a column (based at the Washington Post but syndicated nationally) attacking the so-called alarmist doomsaying (read: reality) around global warming.

ALP, your second post above illustrates the difficulty (is that too-alarmist a word?) associated with this topic.

As the original draft of the FEC regulations showed - the potential for disaster was not only accurately reflected in the comments by Smith that folks like Hasen described as alarmist, it was actually worse.

"Our experience with the Department of Agriculture has been that industry has had the ear of government since 1997 when genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were introduced ... and anyone who's raised a cautious voice has been called alarmist, eurocentric and unscientific," said Swanby.

The alarmist was a horseman who gave notice that a detachment of Union soldiers was on its way from

When the economy started dropping all the alarmists in the world starting spending dump loads of money to try and fix it.

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