alarmed in a sentence

Sentence with the word alarmed

His expression alarmed me, but also provoked my curiosity.

The title alarmed a number of peace activists who were worried that Gregory, a research analyst at the

I think what has your daughter so alarmed is the recent spate of violent crime in the northern Baja corridor (Tijuana to San Quintin) that was directed at tourists.

Looking at John, something fixed and distant in his expression alarmed him.

And his name alarmed the medium exceedingly, that she commenced to cry, and also all her acquaintances were very much excited.

After a short period the friend who had presented Captain --, alarmed for my safety, and actuated by a liberal wish to defend me from the artifice of his associate, waited on my mother, and, after some hesitation, informed her that my lover was already married! that he had a young and amiable wife in a sister kingdom, and that he apprehended some diabolical stratagem for the enthralment of my honour.

Fred Gunter, owner of Exkursion, said the call alarmed him and his wife, because they still are jittery about the fire 11 years ago.

I didn’t mean to scare you, he said, his eyes studying her, his expression alarmed.

The tone in which the candidate cited my friend's name alarmed me, so I went to my computer to run a search of what happened.

All she could see was their eyes, and the expression seemed alarmed by the cold, made desperate by the wind and the freezing temperatures.

You can come into my arms it's okay don't be alarmedcome in to me!

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  • Synonym for "alarmed"
    • agitated, disturbed, afraid
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