alarm in a sentence

Sentence with the word alarm

Surely adding to their alarm is the realization that the nuclear imbalance, troubling enough already, will only grow in the coming years.

Most areas, only the Alarm security people arrive if the alarm is activated.

As in a mirror Lady Russell's journal reflects what she calls the alarm in the Whig camp at the rumour of the intended resignation of the Derby

At one point, a magical 'alarm' is placed on the word 'Voldemort' (which is forbidden to be said), knowing that only Harry or his friends will say it.

Therefore, understanding how your brain became so vigilant and wary, and so easily hijacked by alarm, is the first step toward gaining more control over that ancient circuitry.

It takes creativity and flexibility because you never know when the fire alarm is going to sound and put an end to the really great lesson you put together.

If the handset and locator become separated beyond a pre-defined distance -- the wireless halo referred to in the company name -- an alarm is sounded on both.

According to the considerable discussion of inflation on the Web, my alarm is misguided.

Today, reading about his upcoming gala performance, that alarm is rapidly turning to panic.

In this economy with increasing crime rates, a home alarm is a must have.

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  • Synonym for "alarm"
    • disquiet, dismay, consternation, trepidation, terror
  • Verb Forms for "alarm"
    • alarmed, alarming, alarmism, alarms
  • Phrases for "alarm"
    • alarm bells, false alarm, alarm bell, arouse alarm, alarm clocks
  • Rhyme for "alarm"
    • Arm, charm, disarm, farm, forearm
  • Hypernym for "alarm"
    • fearfulness, fright, fear, clock
  • Cross Reference for "alarm"
    • fear, still alarm, alarm check-valve, electric alarm, low-water alarm
  • Equivalent for "alarm"
    • watch
  • Etymologically Related for "alarm"
    • raise the alarm, alarm clock, alarm bell, alarm reaction, fire alarm
  • Same Context for "alarm"
    • surprise, anxiety, distress, terror, anger
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