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Sentence with the word al-qaeda

'special screenings' for muslims in military* ft hood suspect's links to imam under scrutiny* hasan's family held funeral at mosque of 9/11 hijackers* ft hood shooting investigation turns to possible terrorism ties* radical imam blogs his support of ft hood shooter* govt determined to connect hasan & al-qaeda* ft hood shooter tried to contact al-qaeda terrorists, officials say* ft hood suspect was on US radar* hasan's conspiracy mentors*

We are over there because, "We will dismantle and defeat the al-qaeda and tablian and to promote democracy."

Yes the Islamic threat (some call it al-qaeda, radicalism, etc) will continue to grow unless it is met straight on by the free world.

Instead, the Bush Administration failed to fight al-qaeda by squandering our funds to invade a country with no al-qaeda present without WMD's. jules sand-perkins

These GOP folks from Texas and the midwest are clueless with they're arguments defending the GOP talking points to crticize the Obama administration's strategy for fighting the al-qaeda.

Republicans are worthless by attempting to defend themselves over they're incompentancy fighting the al-qaeda by calling others worthless

Maybe they are to be 'bugged' to lead us to al-qaeda .....

The lack of major public outpourings or declarations from al-qaeda also add another layer of guesswork about its future.

In neighboring Iran which backed the Shiite militant foes of Iraq's al-qaeda militants bin Laden's death brought little public reaction, but was used by the Islamic rulers to jab at Washington.

Top Posts awlaki: bogus. inspire magazine: bogus. al-qaeda: bogus. al-shabaab looks to me like a gigantic false flag operation selling the USA via the huffpost the political economy of israel's occupation another story that only makes sense if you agree the US is a jewish puppet omg. let's see hillary laugh this off lapsed west governance twitches spasmodically

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