aisles in a sentence

Sentence with the word aisles

The firm, which includes other prominent consultants from both sides of the aisles, is offering itself up as consultants to work on political referendum and initiatives.

Chedraui (our one big store) has brought in so much stuff that navigating some of the aisles is tough.

Something that would stand out from what we typically see in the cleaning aisles, which is how we came up with the Gerbera Daisy design.

You will usually find the freebies in the very back by the meat department since the aisles are the widest there.

Navigation of the aisles was a bit more confusing, but I think that stems from the "not everything instore is avail. on the site" thing.

I was on one of the "straightaway" parts of the parking lot, and as such I felt I had right-of-way over any cars turning in from the "aisles"--who are supposed to stop, if one applies regular road-rules I don't think there is actual traffic law covering parking lots--is there?

It will not be open up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, a very controversial thing there. are critics on the left and right aisles, which is usually a good thing on one of these bills.

Below in the aisles are their exact counterparts, only about double the size.

Every bay is walled off from its neighbours on either side, but has an opening at the back into a passage above the aisles, which is continuous throughout nave and choir.

Above them are other pilasters, eighteen feet high, two feet broad, and a foot thick, which carry the beams supporting the principal raftering and the roof of the aisles, which is brought down lower than the main roof.

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