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-- Tech used in airports is looking for behavioral and physiological cues associated with deception.

She would sit in the seat behind her brother and he would take that sturdy plane up around 200 feet above the “flying field,” what they called airports then.

Thank you. 1/20/2009 set a new high for me personally, as I was in airports all day and smiles everywhere.

Here is a concrete application: security monitoring in airports has increased the volume of information accumulated, and presumably reduces the risk to travelers.

Just think of those controversial full-body-scan machines now being installed in airports at a cost of up to $170,000 each.

So many people have come up to me to say 'thank you,' whether it's in airports, or just working people in different situations or not-working people saying, 'We're professionals, we've always worked.

Every Monday, we report on the latest news in airports across the USA.

A branch of sophisticated wine bars are even popping up in airports from Dulles to Seattle-Tacoma.

Officials have responded to the complaints by calling repeatedly for huge new investments in airports, rail lines and highways as part of $140 billion in planned infrastructure spending over the next several years.

On Thursday, a Myrtle Beach-based carrier called Direct Air that offers public charter flights to Newark, N.J., and small-market airports is scheduled to make an announcement about new service.

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