airport in a sentence

Sentence with the word airport

Across the highway and just south of the airport is the Hotel Vienna, an inexpensive but decent place to stay the night.

The Max line to the airport is a waste of money so why not close it and improve the bus services elsewhere and that includes the connections between North Portland and the Rivergate Industrial Park?

Obama administration officials in charge of the relief effort defended the decisions, noting the airport is the only major hub in Haiti.

Although the idea of a no-frills, soccer-only stadium somewhere out toward the Columbia River or the airport is a good one, an even better concept leaps out of this exchange -- a nonprofit team!

Its introduction at the airport is a result of an alliance with American Airlines, giving JetBlue some of American's landing slots at the airport, while AA will get slots from JetBlue at New York JFK.

The 99-degree reading at the airport is the highest on record this late in the year and the hottest temperature ever recorded after Sept. 8.

“Counter­terrorism in the airport is a show designed to make people feel better,” he said.

The Guadalajara airport is about a 1 1/2 hours drive.

I have to arrive at the airport an hour before and the airport is an hour away.

I found the cheapest way to the airport is a truly great service called Airport Express.

Shawn took a shit in his pants in the school's hallway. He went to the airport.I got slapped by an ugly chick in class. Damn, that was airport.Pastor Eric's church members caught him in a brothel. That's airport status. He had to catch a flight.

Dude, that was no landing strip, it was a full on airport

let's go to the airport, just don't bring any liquids, batteries, or, fuck it, don't bring anything

Jen kept showing me her baby, so i AirPorted that bitch.

Person 1: Dude can you get a girl pregnant In an AirportPerson2: No, but it is very messy.

I'm going to the airport.

I am happy because I found a job at the airport, renting out planes and answering phones. or Let's go to the airport and get a plane ride!

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