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The mishap with the airplane is a vehicle to explore how the media reacted and reported on it.

Over the past four decades, more than 320 fatigue-related incidents have taken nearly 750 lives in airplane crashes alone, according to an analysis by News21, a national university student reporting project, and the Washington-based Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization.

Lithium-ion battery fires can reach 1,100 degrees, close to the melting point of aluminum, a key material in airplane construction.

A jump in airplane orders pushed demand for durable goods higher last month, but orders for many other items slipped, offering further evidence that U.S. manufacturing is slowing.

Its largest passenger airplane is built in Europe.

Yet the fuel-efficient, long-range airplane is facing tough tests before it's allowed for commercial use.

Yet the fuel-efficient, long-range airplane is facing tough tests before it

The airplane is as easy to fly today as it was back then, maybe actually easier, because now it has aerodynamic features that make it more forgiving from the standpoint of taking off and landing.

That is, while ~300 people or so die each year in airplane accidents, and there's only been 1 confirmed death due to asteroid to date (early in the 20th century), over a longer period of time (say in the ~2 century range) more people will die due to asteroid impact than all airplane casualties to date.

But recent studies, including a report in August by the National Research Council's Transportation Research Board, make a case that, in general, an airplane is no more a health threat to occupants than any other enclosed environment, like a theater or subway.

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