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Maybe it was the word aircraft that made people suspicious.

The Egyptian front would have had amongst it some 1600 Soviet technicians to man the new types of tanks, rocket-firing apparatus and certain aircraft, while Syria was to have aircraft from the Soviet Union flown in at high altitudes for that short campaign.

We are also moving quite aggressively into the area of low cost ISR Programs, which we term aircraft missionization.

Even so, China's military rival Taiwan is featuring what it calls an "aircraft carrier killer" weapon at an arms fair that opened in Taipei Thursday.

Somewhere ahead of the aircraft is a soldier who minutes earlier stepped on an improvised explosive device, the signature weapon of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Taiwan responded to China's aircraft carrier trials by exhibiting a supersonic missile, which it called the "aircraft carrier killer."

This aircraft is also equipped with a spear, which is very forbidden by the Geneva War Crimes Handbook.

The next day aircraft from the USS Hornet strafed and bombed the ship but did not sink it.

Albert met the love of his life in Tulsa in 1944, while flying aircraft from the Douglas plant to the West coast.

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God, look at the size of his aircraft! He'll have someone's eye out!

That Cessna is one fine looking hunk of aircraft!

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