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Sentence with the word air-conditioned

The next morning I was picked up from my nearly empty hotel by my partner's chauffeur-driven, air-conditioned Ford as sleek Jaguars and Mercedes glided past, Egyptian businesspeople, eyes hidden by designer sunglasses, in the backseats, scanning their iPads and BlackBerrys for revolutionary developments.

And at football games he slept in an air-conditioned doghouse that also housed a few bags of ice.

Drive to a lovely air-conditioned shop where you can BUY a freaky american no-cake cake, and then have a lovely iced coffee and muffin in the arctic cool?

Inside it was solemn, quiet, and well air-conditioned, a must for any mortuary; in the background a lugubrious organ grieved.

It was air-conditioned and quiet, and the concrete was painted pale yellow, like cream.

After a solitary morning of writing, I want him to go to the beach with me, but I know that all he wants to do now is go home, have a cold drink, and play a video game in his air-conditioned bedroom.

But now, for $6, one can go to the new air-conditioned, three-screen Legend cinema in central Phnom Penh, grab a box of popcorn and settle down to watch Kung-Fu Panda 2 in 3D three dimensions.

The room was hyper air-conditioned, but not as icy as some of the questions for Ms. Zuckerberg, who caught the brunt of the "peril" angst rising in the room, and responded with a near dauntless cheer.

She packed her air-conditioned tent with supporters, lured by country music star Randy Travis but also by her passionate appeal to the social conservatives who have traditionally dominated this state's caucuses.

I guess, we get very comfortable working in an air-conditioned environment earning some decent amount money and dread to do what we have done before.

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