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Sentence with the word aims

One of the WSF's main aims is to separate the governance of figure skating from speedskating.

The term aims to link countries 'actions to improve the environment to their current economic power and impact on the planet.

The title aims to parody and pay homage to the muscle-bound overly-macho protagonists and the excessive violence, profanity, and immaturity that mainstream video games are rife with.

Developed by Klei Entertainment and Published by EA, the title aims to evolve the classic 2d brawler into an HD fit of gore and glory.

The story of the title aims at staying close to the one found in the Godfather II motion picture, but strays off from it right in the first cutscene, during the famous divide of Cuba between Hyman Roth and other important members of the Mafia families, including the Corleones.

The implication that an industry would purposely inflate the rate of piracy and its impact to suit its political aims is ridiculous.

One of the aims is to get visitors back to Chile as soon as possible.

The villain aims his gun at Salander, and Blomkvist turns into a McDonald's drive-through.

One of its aims is to design software that is easy to use, so that those with limited technical abilities can take advantage of the technology.

As we've previously posted, one of our aims is to improve display advertising on the web.

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    • aimed, aiming, aims
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    • intend, object, to cry aim, to give aim, point of aim
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    • goal, motive, intention, conception, purpose
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