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Sentence with the word aimlessly

There's an actual arc, and some literary novels just meander aimlessly, which is why I can't enjoy them as much as I should.

She leaned over the railing on the roof, calling aimlessly and hopelessly.

It keeps the player from wandering aimlessly, which is good, but the puzzles are so straightforward as to be almost occasionally insulting.

KATIE DARYL, "TMZ TV": In the world of Britney, it is so normal just to drive around kind of aimlessly all night.

The storm just kind of aimlessly moving by early next week, not expecting to make landfall along the U.S., and the reason why is very simple, the same frontal boundary we had yesterday that is going to keep the storm at bay.

When uncle Billy, in one of his characteristic empty-headed gestures, accidentally lost his score, the one that would redeem him from undeserved obscurity, something broke in him and he ran screaming out into the streets, meandering aimlessly, meaningless sounds burbling from his lips until he wound up here, on the bridge, teetering over the edge on the verge of a long, life-crushing fall into the dark waters below.

I have been wandering around kind of aimlessly so far today.

Battles occur without screen transitions, thank goodness, and enemies are always visible, wandering MMO-like (aka 'aimlessly') in their invisible stables.

Perhaps she hopes to halve the processing time it currently takes to sift through the various minerals she must analyze, or perhaps she needs a younger version to 'aimlessly' crawl toward that Army weapons depot, blinking her 'eyes' in rapid succession at key strategic weak spots without arousing suspicion.

However, today they find themselves on the edge of extinction, with no land rights, and a food supply that's being "aimlessly" shot away by poachers. brutal campaign of violence against the indigenous Samburu people in north central Kenya-which is still ongoing.

He spoke aimelessly." "She fucks any guy aimlessly.

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