aimed in a sentence

Sentence with the word aimed

When the dork came to bat, he was waving the bat back and forth with the label aimed straight at the pitcher.

Sarkozy has refused to retreat on the flagship reform of his term aimed at curbing the deficit and reducing debt.

Reed Business Information, which ran the title aimed at executives in the cosmetics industry through its French division, wrote to its subscribers on Friday telling them of the change of ownership.

"Metallica's" material is perfect for a title aimed at players of all skill levels: the songs selected are melodic and accessible, yet technically challenging.

The company's recent X Factor tie-in - which they've just sent to me - is a title aimed squarely at non-gamers who won't be interested in the publisher's usual output - i.e. conversions of Pac-Man.

Among other things, any policy too complex for the public to understand will be beyond the reach of democratic accountability, the only ultimate guarantee that a tariff policy will remain aimed at the public good.

After serving as Manhattan borough president from 1966 to 1977, Sutton became an African-American broadcasting pioneer by purchasing radio stations WLIB and WBLS, launching the first radio chain aimed at black listeners, civil rights leader Al Sharpton said Sunday.

We wanted to make a catapult that could destroy a car with bowling balls from at least 80 feet away, throw fireballs, and be controlled through a computer vision system so it could be aimed from a laptop.

One of many websites with rave reviews, an independent site not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association has got a solid appraisal of each title aimed at format enthusiasts.

No particular interest in aimed at kids series, either.

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  • Sentence for "aimed"
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  • Synonym for "aimed"
    • endeavor, scope, scheme, intention, tendency
  • Verb Forms for "aimed"
    • aimed, aiming, aims
  • Phrases for "aimed"
    • aimed at, aimed squarely, lashings aimed, ordinances aimed, expedition aimed
  • Rhyme for "aimed"
    • Ame, Boehme, Graeme, Mayme, Sejm
  • Hypernym for "aimed"
    • designate, specify, intend, destine, guidance
  • Cross Reference for "aimed"
    • intend, object, to cry aim, to give aim, point of aim
  • Form for "aimed"
    • aim at, ready, aim, fire!
  • Same Context for "aimed"
    • goal, motive, intention, conception, purpose
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