aids in a sentence

Sentence with the word aids

Emails has shown that some former MCcain aids are behind it.

Dave it looks like the shock and awe of the visual aids is wearing off this post so now for a serious question.

That vitamin aids in calcium absorption, which goes to making strong bones.

Farming without insecticides, fertilizers, and other aids is tough.

The amount of detail and content presented through these aids is impressive and the orderly layout and links to even more sources is amazing.

I must say the organization of these finding aids is a thing of beauty.

Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including al-Qaida members.

I am looking into getting hearing aids from the man who comes to LCS (Lake Chapala Society) who I think is a Belltone rep.

When his trusted deputy heard from the spy the result of the interview between Allen and the governor, he called his aids together and asked their advice.

At two dinner was served, and regularly at that hour the odious Santerre, with two other ruffians of the same stamp, whom he called his aids-de-camp, visited them to make sure of their presence and to inspect their rooms; and Clery remarked that the queen never broke her disdainful silence to him, though Louis often spoke to him, generally to receive some answer of brutal insult.

In a clever attempt to blame the 'morally corrupt' for the spread of AIDS which would lead to a series of phobias, the medical industry further benefits from high-priced treatments, further sucking the income out of the wallets of those inhabiting planet earth.

Highest Rates of HIV/AIDS are African-Americans (2008) Highest Rates of HIV/AIDS are gays. (1988)

Homophobic Middle Schoolers should learn a little bit more about AIDS before they add some retarded definition to Urban Dictionary.

AIDS is a terrible disease to make fun of.

That woman has AIDS.

When the USA govemnment feels like they've killed enough people, they will release the vaccine that was created around the same time the AIDS virus was. Don't blindly follow what your leaders say. AIDS is not a natural virus. They wanted to kill a bunch of people on PURPOSE. It didn't start in Africa, it didn't start with homosexuals.

The comic Elaine Boosler has said "Wouldn't it be great if you could only get AIDS by giving money to television preachers?

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