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Sentence with the word agree

Prof Cialdini, a professor of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, said the First Minister's version was loaded as the inclusion of the word 'agree' is pejorative and encourages voters to think that is the preferable option.

The costs of in terms of human life and human suffering from climate change are sufficiently large that no attempt to quantify them in economic terms will adequately capture what most people would agree is at stake.

With the SI system, everything works off of units of 10, that I would hope most people would agree is easier than the mish-mash that is IU.

In much the same way $1 has been universally accepted as the grossly unreal standard price for corporate music downloads, $5 seems to be the number everyone but the people expected to pay it agree is okay for unlimited listening — but not owning, sharing or downloading.

While I admire and respect these Members for coming together and participating in a real dialogue about the future of climate change legislation, I hope that a revenue-neutral carbon tax (the solution the overwhelming majority of economists and scientists agree is best) is being considered.

The closest thing which I agree is kind of ridicules is 6 tacos for a-buck.

Whatever the particulars of the plan, acknowledges the what the decline of manufacturing has meant for America's economy and American workers, and tries to offer a solution to what most Americans agree is ap problem.

Finally, not by coincidence, I think we can agree, is Mondo.

Give it a listen — and if you haven't had a chance to hear our episodes featuring Mary, I highly recommend checking them out, especially the first one, which Howard, Dan, and I agree is one of our best episodes of all time.

"His bat, most agree, is ready for the major leagues," says Jeff Luhnow, the Cardinals 'vice president of scouting and player development.

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  • Synonym for "agree"
    • consent, contract, correspond, comport, harmonize
  • Antonym for "agree"
    • disagree
  • Verb Forms for "agree"
    • agreed, agreeing, agrees
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    • Ab, Ac, Ag, Agee, Aimee
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    • suit
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    • accede, stated
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    • English words derived from: agree
  • Same Context for "agree"
    • have, follow, become, but, guilty
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