agonizing in a sentence

Sentence with the word agonizing

Clearly a great deal of midnight oil was consumed by the Pink Book writers in agonizing lucubrations about what …

Tebow like you is a foul, soulless minion of Satan and the world will be a better place on the inevitable day you DIE, in agonizing pain, face down in the gutter with rats gnawing on your earlobes and being raped by pigs

I wanted the people to wander around in agonizing limbo … like in real life, really.

So, after a couple days of agonizing, is this an earth shattering disaster?

Minutes have been during times detailed, during others minimal; a extensive mins uncover which Society meetings typically were outlayed discussing, in agonizing detail, a meanings of a array of formidable phrases as good as lines from a fool around underneath investigate (usually a singular a season).

Shove a lit roadflare up your ass until you die in agonizing pain you pitiful subhuman punk

May you die slowly and in agonizing pain while being violated by an elephant.

Few people would like to be in agonizing pain while they raise the monies required for the operation.

Would it make it easier to know my breaking point if I were to wrap myself bodily around a telephone pole, spread-eagled in agonizing bliss?

A handicapped person may look healthy, and be in agonizing pain inside.

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  • Synonym for "agonizing"
    • excruciating, harrowing, torturing, torturous, torturesome
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    • agonizing antagonizing, agonizing ritual, terribly agonizing, agonizing confessions, agonizing moment
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    • painful
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    • agonize
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