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The idea of state security from non-state (both militant and otherwise) aggressors is one of the major concerns facing the security of our country today.

With that, the Nets limped into the Target Center to conclude a six-game, 10-day road trip, and still managed to be the aggressors from the start.

They were the aggressors from the beginning and we never did get to that point.

One of the Eastern Conference's worst teams, the Bobcats came in with a 3-10 record against the West, but they were the aggressors from the start, streaking to a 20-9 lead.

The Leafs established themselves as the aggressors from the opening faceoff.

Such a perspective avoids the dubious causal claims of the psychological approach — it is not at all clear why passive resistance ought "automatically" to produce shame in aggressors — while retaining the emphasis on system to which Shelley was committed. close window

Indeed, just now the probability of a change in the character of the war, by which the Confederates will cease to be on the defensive and become the aggressors, is much discussed.

Faris, along with the co-author of the study, Diane Felmlee, also found that bullies, who they call aggressors, and victims are not defined roles, but in many cases, they can be the same person.

The aggressors are the rich countries, which in the past few years have become richer at the expense of the poorer ones, something which never happened before, not even during the capitalist depression of the 1930's when everyone became poor, some more than others.

When this people organized and decided to fight to the last man or woman against the imperialists if they attacked us, no one can deny that we are defending peace, because to resist aggressors is to fight for peace; to surrender to the aggressors is the way to war or the enslavement of peoples.

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