aggressively in a sentence

Sentence with the word aggressively

As an analyst for 20 years, I don't know that I've seen the term aggressively explore strategic alternatives in a press release.

I can only hope that the legislature rectifies this problem by instituting greater fines and gives the CDOW more leeway in aggressively pursuing these reckless and idiotic individuals.

The Tax Payers 'Alliance, right-of-centre thinktanks and the conservative media have weighed in aggressively on his side.

Although five of the six major book publishers have conve rted to an "agency" pricing model, setting their own retail prices, Bertelsmann AG's Random House publishing group and many smaller publishers still employ the traditional wholesale model meaning Borders could choose to discount some titles aggressively from these publishers in a bid to drive traffic to its website.

Instead, he goes after specific bucks aggressively from a brand-new perch every day.

Henin aggressively closed out the victory two points later, belting a forehand into the corner and charging forward to finish off the tournament with a volley.

The reason we don't enforce these laws more aggressively is because it would shine a spotlight on how absurd the laws actually are, and the politicians who are too chicken to do the right thing would have to actually do something.

The investigators, in Italian, aggressively began to tell her she's never getting out of here unless she tells the truth and that they were sure that Lumumba was involved, and if she didn't come clean she was going to be in a lot of trouble.

People begin aggressively yelling at the bus driver.

But escalating the anger and behaving aggressively is not.

Kidd says the key for the Nets getting off to a good start is playing aggressively from the start.

Apple has also been selling iPads for an average of $645, a price it calls aggressively low.

He said to me, "go for a label aggressively" and somebody who was in the office, interjected and said, "look at a name like Iwuayanwu, that name was the most difficult to pronounce in those days when he came up with that soccer team.

I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but playing aggressively is not “cheating.”

Saddam Hussein aggressively Arabized Khanaqin during the 1970s and ’80s.

While their style can best be described as aggressively athletic and hilariously inappropriate. the element of surprise kicked in way before the performance.

The statement added that the company was prepared to "defend our good name aggressively in a court of law."

Every U.S. president, President Bush being the last, called aggressively for reforms, but they were generally in some other context.

After spending weeks begging the White House to call aggressively for a strong clean energy and climate bill and hearing assurances that Obama's speech would include just that, the President side-stepped the issue.

Contrary to the description that Barack just gave, we actually will make it affordable for everyone, because my plan lowers costs aggressively, which is important for us all; improves quality for everyone, which is essential.

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