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Sentence with the word aggression

I think our weakness, unfortunately, invited this aggression, but this aggression is a great opportunity to begin resuming the offensive against the terrorist groups.

Russians have rallied to the government's decision to punish Georgia for what it calls aggression and recognize the independence of South Ossetia and another separatist-controlled region, Abkhazia.

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Venezuela, supplier of over 10% US oil, Cautions U.S. It May Curtail Oil Exports'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'The minister, Rafael Ramírez, said Venezuela, which is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and supplies more than 10 percent of American oil imports, could act in the face of what he described as aggression by the Bush administration.

The minister, Rafael Ramírez, said Venezuela, which is the world's fifth-largest oil exporter and supplies more than 10 percent of American oil imports, could act in the face of what he described as aggression by the Bush administration.

A spokesman says Hamas would like to renew its cease-fire with Israel if the Jewish state stops what he called aggression toward the Palestinians.

But message these demonstrations in Iraq from the people that we've talked to has been that they feel that the world is behind them, that they feel this is the time for the world to reject what they call the aggression of the United States.

ARRAF: The thing is, Iraq has either been in a state of war or a state of sanctions and continued military -- what it calls aggression for almost all of the past 20 years.

Tuesday, saying "we've waited too long" for the international community to condemn what he described as aggression against the

Wednesday told the Non-Aligned Movment summit in Durban he was committed to holding free and fair elections by 1999, despite what he termed the aggression of neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda.

Q Despite the imposition of the sanctions, what you call the aggression by Serbia continues.

"I was aghast at what I was witnessing," ElBaradei writes of the official U.S. attitude before the March 2003 invasion, which he calls "aggression where there was no imminent threat," a war in which he accepts estimates that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed.

This is interesting because use of the word aggression leaves many avenues open for the Arab league to justify how Muslims behave as perfectly acceptable and understandable in the rest of the worlds eyes when faced with their concept of "aggression"

On the other hand, we hope that they would help restore the confidence between the two sides, restore it to the situation it was before these events broke out, and also in order to put an end to what I call the aggression against the Palestinian people, to put an end to the killings of the Palestinian people, so we can move forward and continue until the end of this process by which we achieve all the goals we all aspire to.

This resistance to their aggression is why the attacked gaza just before Obama was elected.

Working with countries in the UN to stop aggression is much different.

Late position aggression is standard, folding to even more aggression is more often than not, the sign of an excellent and profitable player, not a coward.

If you have too many aggressive people, for example, conflict runs rampant, and aggression is selected out, because it becomes costly; when aggression decreases enough to be less risky, it becomes more valuable, and its prevalence again rises.

Cipher's musical aggression is more than an outlet for their fan's frustration; it's also a call to action.

It also involves a counterfactual assumption that aggression is not part of what happens when you add unskilled foreigners into a welfare society/diseconomy; as if we owed no loyalty to fellow citizens above the foreigner, when foreigners stateside increase the aggression on the net taxpayer here.

The persistence of human aggression is deeply rooted in our divided nature, a part of the inner struggle that never leaves the human condition.

Random Guy: Guess what im in Future AGgression. Random Guy 2: Then that makes u a FAG L.

I watch Aggression own Ascendency in a 15 minture prep full out.

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