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Sentence with the word aggravation

If, in fact, he is found guilty he moves on to the penalty phase and my guess would be, and again the lawyers can chime in, is that his previous record at that point would come in as a factor in what they call aggravation that the prosecution would present.

Yes, the open-air angst and mechanical aggravation is lost to us, but hold the phone.

My other ongoing aggravation is not limited to Martha, it's all the how-to shows where the person doing a demonstration must explain their actions as they go along.

The major aggravation is the conflict breaking out in South Ossetia.

The minor aggravation is that the internet here is down.

After matter in aggravation, extenuation, or mitigation has been introduced the prosecution or defense has the right to cross-examine any witnesses and to offer evidence in rebuttal.

You see how obedient the Rechabites are to their father's commandment (v. 14); but you have not inclined your ear to me (v. 15), though one might much more reasonably expect that the people of God should have obeyed him than that the sons of Jonadab should have obeyed him; and the aggravation is very high, for, 1.

We may not always like what the First Amendment permits, but we've agreed as a nation that the short-term aggravation of personal offense is the tithe we pay for freedom.

For all the short-term aggravation it causes, the avalanche of snow that's covered Rockingham County this winter has plen ...

I understand why you need your set up for work, but I don’t see how installing one browser that will stop the aggravation is a big deal, especially since you know your stuff.

They made all their children pass through the fire; but he names the first-born, in aggravation of their guilt; that is, "I had willed that the first-born should be redeemed as being Mine, but they imposed on themselves the cruel rites of offering them to Molech" (De 18: 10). might know ... the Lord -- that they may be compelled to know Me as a powerful Judge, since they were unwilling to know Me as a gracious

86 Their distress appeared to receive some aggravation from the death of their spiritual and temporal chief; but the pressing emergency superseded the forms and intrigues of an election; and the unanimous choice of

" The aggravation is a small price to pay for an attractive cash yield, " argues Helen Wu , of the accounting firm J.

Adding to his aggravation is the recent addition to the agency of his old friend and wash-up agent Andrew Klein Gary Cole, who Ari fought for to get hired.

I proceed now to the second thing proposed from the text; which is, the aggravation of the Israelites unworthy deportment towards their almighty deliverer, set forth in these words: they provoked him at the sea. even at the Red sea.

You can call my aggravation at the ridiculous income disparity pattern over the last 30 years

The aggravation is the same as well; eating citrus-y foods affects the lower esophageal sphincter in much the same way as tomatoes.

Here, our deliberated motivation of wanting to avoid these drawbacks outweighs any reason for wanting to break our diet, such as aggravation about work.

Yes, he did leave the Holy Kingdom, very possibly to avoid the kind of aggravation which led to 9/11.

Removing the primary source of aggravation which is fueling the violence and inspiring more Iraqis to violent expressions of resistance is the surest way to lessen the influence of any outside group or persons from exploiting the mushrooming civil war.

she couldn't think of a sentence for aggravation :D

Dam, Sano keeps stalking the New Feg Aggravation

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