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Sentence with the word aggravated

The term "aggravated felony" alone has been the subject of many federal court interpretations.

Congress should also clarify the meaning of the term aggravated felony so as to limit mandatory deportations to those found guilty of serious crimes, especially crimes of violence, and to clarify the situations in which U.S. attorneys and immigration judges will be allowed to consider alternative penalties.

Mr Bahati now says he has rewritten the bill to remove the death penalty provision, leaving life imprisonment as the maximum sentence for what he calls "aggravated homosexuality."

Bahati now says he has rewritten the bill to remove the death penalty provision, leaving life imprisonment as the maximum sentence for what he calls "aggravated homosexuality."

But criminal charges are fitting in "aggravated" cases, which the circumstance of Kovic's situation seem to fit, although Cottone said he could not comment specifically on the case.

What gets me aggravated is how they turned down the ad featuring Gays.

I'm aware of cases that were classified as aggravated felonies that included driving without a license when the person was on parole, medical benefits fraud, and multiple counts of joy-riding.

And if the conviction is classified as an "aggravated felony," deportation is virtually automatic.

Once you get the finished product, watching your co-worker unwrap everything while being very aggravated is very much worth the time spent.

A new report by the University of Virginia shows a 36% decline in aggravated assaults after Prince William County local police officers were given the power to enforce immigration laws, though only 3% of those arrested for aggravated assault were undocumented immigrants

The Capitals wouldn't say what was wrong with Clark, while Semin aggravated a bad right ankle.

DAVID WARREN, ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO, PROSECUTOR: I have a category of crimes that I commonly refer to as aggravated stupid.

Valentin aggravated a hamstring injury on Minnesota's turf.

The phrase aggravated Winn, and his fancy deepened.

How aggravated is the guilt of the Church of Rome, which, under the same flimsy pretext, does shamelessly what the heathen are here condemned for doing, and with light which the heathen never had! who is blessed for ever!

Moses ... commanded ... should be stoned -- simply put to death (De 22: 22), but in aggravated cases, at least in later times, this was probably by stoning (Eze 16: 40). but what sayest thou -- hoping, whatever He might answer, to put Him in the wrong: -- if He said, Stone her, that would seem a stepping out of

All this guilt, thus aggravated, is charged upon him: Why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart?

Thus was his sin aggravated; but on the other hand there is this to extenuate it, that, what he said he said in his haste, Ps. cxvi.

The impenitence of Judah, and their persisting in sin, are aggravated from the judgments of God upon Israel, which they should have taken warning by, ver.

The sin of these people: They were disobedient, that is, rebellious, unpersuadable, and unbelieving, as the word signifies; this their sin is aggravated from the patience and long-suffering of God (which once waited upon them for 120 years together), while Noah was preparing the ark, and by that, as well as by his preaching, giving them fair warning of what was coming upon them.

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